Regions of Missouri


Glaciated Till Plains- Located in the Northern part of Missouri.  Created by large glaciers of ice.  This region has rolling hills and flat plains.  Rich farm land makes this an attractive place for growing corn and soybeans. 


Osage Plains- Part of the Great Plains of America.  The Osage Plains are flat with only a few rolling hills.  Good for growing grain and for raising farm animals.  **Coal mining is important in this region.**


Ozark Highlands- This region is known for its steep hills and rocky soil.  It is the largest region in the state.  Tourism is a large part of the economy.  Many people visit the Ozarks to see its scenic beauty, rugged hills, caves, lakes, springs, rivers, and forest. 


Mississippi Lowlands**Also known as the Bootheel of Missouri.**  Once a snake filled swamp, the Mississippi Lowlands as now known for its rich, black soil.  Farmers in the Bootheel grow cotton, rice, and soybeans that are transported around the world.


Alluvial River Plains-  The Alluvial River Plains are located along Missouri's two great rivers:  The Missouri River and The Mississippi River.  Missouri's two largest cities are locked in this region:  St. Louis and Kansas City.


Glaciated Till Plains Osage Plains

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St. Joseph
Northwest Missouri
St. Joseph
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Kansas City

Harry S. Truman State Park
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Ozark Highlands

Mississippi Lowlands
Old Homes of St. Louis
Taum Sauk Mountain State Park
Johnson's Shut-In
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Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Ozark Heritage Region
Lake of the Ozarks
Ste. Genevieve
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Cape Girardeau
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New Madrid

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Alluvial River Plain
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