Science Webquest

"The Three Laws of Motion"

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By Gary Williams
Sikeston Junior High

This webquest is designed for 9th grade
physical science students.


The Task

You are an author making a book on the three laws of motion. This book will be graded on how well you follow the rubric and overall creativity. Someone reading your book should be able to completely understand the three laws of motion.

The Process

1. Make a cover for your book which should include
 picture(s), title and your name.

2. Find some pictures of Sir Issac Newton and copy and paste them into your book.Give a brief history of Newton. (Where and when was he born, how long did he live, and what were some  of the things he worked on).

3. Who was Galileo and what did he have to do with Newton?  (Get picture of Galileo)

4. Find the three laws of motion and copy and paste them into your assignment sheet. Make sure you label each one. (Heading) Then under the law simplify it in your own words to explain it.

5. Give an application (picture) for each law of motion .Under this picture explain how it shows the law. (In your own words DO NOT COPY AND PASTE explaination.)

6. Find one activity for illustrating each of the three laws and be prepared to show and explain one of your activities in class.


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Classroom Clipart

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Information to be found in the book.


Title on cover.


Name on cover.


Cover is colorful and creative.


Table of contents.


Picture of Newton in book.


Where and when Newton was born.


How long Newton lived.


Things Newton worked on.


Picture of Galileo.


What Galileo had to do with Newton. (His work on gravity.)


State the three laws of motion in the book.


Write law in own words.


Application for each law.


Activity for each law.




Overall organization (headings for each part).

Printer Friendly Scoring guide.

If you have questions or comments about this
webquest fill free to email me.