Students will learn how to compute area and perimeter by creating a floorplan for a house.


You are a contractor who is being considered for building a house.  Mrs. Daisy is asking you to come up with a floorplan for her new home that includes a fenced in back yard for her puppy.  She is looking at several different floorplans and choosing the best one for her new home.

                                           #38048 Clip Art Graphic Of A Pink Guy Character Holding A Wrench by Jester Arts


In order to be an excellent contractor you have to become an expert in finding the area and perimeter of shapes.

Let's get started on designing!


#37856 Clip Art Graphic Of A Yellow Guy Character With Blueprints by Jester Arts


Made by Brandy Miranda, East Carolina University
Modified by Jaclyn Reaves, Sikeston Public Schools 2011