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Show Me Missouri

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Missouri Movies                                     
Visual Journey of Missouri


Biography of Famous Missourians
Hall of Famous Missourians Famous Missourians Biography
  Joe Garagiola George Caleb Bingham
Thomas Hart Benton Kansas City Library Biographies Yahooligans Search
Benton Paintings More Works by Benton Paintings by Bingham
John Berry Meachum More by Bingham 4 Paintings by Bingham


Westward Expansion
Photo Gallery:  Lewis and Clark Go West with Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark Map (Click on Historical Maps)
Gateway to the West Pony Express Pony Express 2
Independence, Missouri Gold Rush Wayback - Gold Rush
Pioneers Pioneer Journey Fiddle Tunes of the Frontier
  Chapter 3 Jeopardy  


Statehood and Slavery
Slavery Begins The African-American Journey Missouri Compromise
Who Was Dred Scot? Dred Scot Supreme Court Decision Lincoln's Speech After Dred Scot Decision
Underground Railroad Civil War Civil War Time Line
Reconstruction 1904 St. Louis World's Fair Missouri Civil War Battle Map


Missouri Government

The General Assembly

Missouri State Senate

Missouri House of Representatives

The Governor

The State Supreme Court

State Symbols